The European School The Hague (ESH) is an accredited European School, established to educate children of employees of the European Union institutions, and offers multilingual learning experiences in a multicultural environment.

The European Schools curriculum focuses on applied language learning. All ESH Primary students learn to read, write and speak Dutch. In addition to studying their European mother tongue, students also study in one of the vehicular languages of the European Union, and have the option to study a third or fourth language. Partway through their journey at ESH Secondary, students switch to studying humanities subjects in their second language, meaning they are truly bilingual upon graduation.

European School The Hague

The European Baccalaureate allows students to choose subjects according to their strengths and interests in the areas of math, science, arts or humanities and the diploma is recognised by universities worldwide and opens doors to further study in a wide variety of disciplines. ESH places high importance on student well-being, and the holistic approach sees students taking part in outdoor education, camps, community service and cultural trips abroad.

Mission and vision

ESH’s mission is to provide a positive, open-minded community that fosters ambition through rich cultural and academic opportunities, inspiring lifelong learning. Our vision is to inspire students to be responsible, future-focused, and proactive citizens of Europe and the world.